M-900 combustion analyzer is a type of new-generation flue (stack) gas analyzer, which is small, light, portable and is specially used to quickly and simultaneously measure many components of combustion in flue gas, including flue gas temperature(T), oxygen(O2), carbon monoxide(CO), sulphur dioxide(SO2), nitric oxide(NO), nitrogen dioxide(NO2), micro-pressure (⊿P) etc. And also it can automatically calculate CO2, NOX content, flue excess air and losses(α), combustion efficiency (η). With RS232 communication interface, it can be connected to computer to realize bi-directional communication.


  • Long-life, maintenance-free, high-accurate electro-chemical gas sensors
  • With a strong suction pump inside case, pressure/draft above 1000mmH2O
  • Measures flue gas and inlet temperatures simultaneously.
  • Big LCD display, English or Chinese menu, with automatic diagnosis working status
  • Automatic memory measured data, with 510 groups of the measured data
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, about 6 hours of continuous use on a single charge
  • With upper or lower limit alarm message display on LCD
  • With RS232 interface for measured data communication


    Oxygen (O2) :0-25%
    Carbon monoxide (CO): 0-4000ppm
    Carbon dioxide (CO2) : 0-20% (Calculated)
    excess air and losses(α):1-20(Calculated