EN-701 Acid concentration analyzer


     The EN-701 acid concentration analyzer is an industrial-used fixed installation type Analyzer. It utilizes electromagnetic induction principle. The analyzer has such function as isolated current output, relay alarm output, communication interface and measured data storage. It continuously measures, displays, and records the sulfuric acid concentration in industrial process. The analyzer is used widely in fertilizer, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, chlor-alkali, petroleum, paper-making and other industries which requires acid or alkali concentration of continuous measurement.


  • Sensor is sealed in the protective coat which is made by F4 material to prevent corrosion from the measured sample.
  • long life, maintenance-free;
  • Automatic memory measured data and curve, with checking privious measured data
  • Big LCD display, English or Chinese menu to operate
  • Automatic recording of measured data and curve, for checking previous data
  • One isolated, linearized 0~10 or 4~20mADC outpu
  • With RS232 interface for measured data communication
  • The whole set of analyzer consists detector unit and electronic control unit, where detector unit is installed on site and electronic control unit is installed in the central control room.


    Measuring principle:Electromagnetic induction
    Measured component:H2SO4
    Accuracy: 5%FS
    Acid temperature compensation range:(30~100)℃
    Electronic control unit dimensions: 150 × 150 × 258mm
    Detector unit installation flange size: HG20592 PN2.5 DN